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History – Collin Vacuum Trucks

Collin Vacuum Trucks has been In Business since 1981. Over the years the company has morphed and changed as the community and its needs have changed to better serve customers.  33 years of Business and a few shop location changes later, Collin Vacuum Trucks has served the area with courtesy and an eye to customer service. The company started as a family run business and has always tried to employ family values. Bill Collin has remained in charge of his company from the beginning; he started with a humble 3 Trucks, 2 Vacuum Trucks and 1 Sewer Pressure Washer Truck.  Over the years and many grey hairs later, Collin Vacuum Trucks has grown and survived the competition to remain a presence in the area.

Some companies that Collin Vacuum Trucks has grown with over the years include; The Miller Western Pulp, Blue Ridge Lumber, MDF Plant, ANC Paper Mill, Peace Pipeline, Alliance Pipeline, Pembina Pipeline, Shell, Mobile Oil and many others…Some companies have also changed a great deal over the years and Collin Vacuum has done its best to stay competitive and give the customer what they need and want.  Many of these companies are Oilfield based, which our area is famous for having in our Alberta Backyard.

Some of the work that Collin Vacuum Trucks has done over the years has included everything from clean up from a spill, to wash and suck up of various waste materials.  Oilfield disposal for sewers and other types of clean up.  Collin Vacuum Trucks also works hand in hand with Double J Tank cleaning that cleans oilfield tanks, bins, hoses with an eye to environmentally friendly techniques and high focus on employee work safety. Turn around plays a big part in our every year jobs.

Collin Vacuum Trucks takes care of its commercial business with a variety of vehicles, not only do we have a straight Vacuum Truck which does; mud sumps, sewers and hauling of Oilfield waste.  We also operate A Steamer which we use to wash down equipment; it can thaw out a frozen sewer line in the winter or if needed- it can unplug the sewer line.  The Tri Axle Combo Vacuum Steamer Truck will do a variety of jobs for example; wash equipment in tandem with vacuuming up the waste from the cleaning of the equipment, or it can work as a steamer by itself or with the option of a vacuum truck- by itself.  Collin Vacuum Trucks also has for equipment, 2 Single Axle Vacuum Trucks which mainly care for the sewers on farms and acreages.

Many who live on acreages and farms rely on us to get their Septic Tank Cleaned out, we are available 7 days a week .We also service and sell septic tank pumps all sizes, residential to commercial. From Household to Hotels we have serviced the surrounding area of Whitecourt for over 30 years.

Oilfield and Office Trailers require the Low Profile Sewer Holding tanks which we rent, install and service.   Collin Vacuum trucks carry a Variety for all locations of sizes for most locations. Winterized insulated Low Profile Sewer Holding tanks are also available to the customer.

Bill Collin has operated and Owned Collin Vacuum Trucks for over 30 years dedicating his life to fulfilling the wishes and requirements of his Customers who he has worked tirelessly at any given hour of the day to help and or provide the services of his company and his equipment for emergencies and regular work, day in and day out.  Many times he could be found at some Hotel, or Restaurant fixing some emergency sewer issue that needed to be done, now, not later…he has a specialized gift with septic pumps, and sewer lines that have made him an integral part of this community. Westview Trailer court, Evergreen Trailer Court and Riverside Trailer court have benefited from the maintenance and repair many times over the years. No matter the time or day, he was there for emergencies.

The Year is 2014 and Collin Vacuum Trucks is committed to staying focused on Customer Service and building relationships with the Community.  The company looks forward to building the existing relationships with the current clients and making new ones along the way…

Thank you for your Support and Patronage over the years everyone….

Bill Collin